Mervyn Millar is Artist in Residence at the QMUL Centre for the History of Emotions during 2017.

For more on his work see Significant Object’s page or his personal website.

This project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

It is an enquiry into what happens when we watch a puppet and believe that it is alive, even though we know it is dead.

Mervyn will meet researchers across the UK and find out about perspectives on this phenomenon from various fields including philosophy, experimental psychology, social neuroscience and neurology.

It is possible that the project will lead to the development of a new theatre piece about perception.

The lead contact at CHE is Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith.

Other correspondents include:

Dr Catharine Abell and Dr Joel Smith, Manchester University

Dr A P Atkinson and Dr Paddy Ross, Durham University

Dr Michael Banissy and Dr Guido Orgs, Goldsmiths University of London

Dr Caroline Catmur and Dr Eamonn Walsh, Kings College University of London

Prof Emily Cross, Prof Paul Downing and Dr Kami Koldewyn, Bangor University

Dr James Kilner, UCL

Dr Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, MRC-CBU Cambridge University

Prof Matthew Longo, Birkbeck University of London

Dr Marta Ponari, University of Kent

Dr Susanne Quadflieg, University of Bristol

Prof Susanna Siegel, Harvard University